Updated 5 November 2021

Updated 3 December 2021

It is a very sad time for our club as we have lost 2 of our long standing members who both passed away in November:  Norman Taylor, our treasurer since 2012 and Terry Creswell, a staunch supporter of our club since the beginning.

Nick Banks has written a tribute to both which you can read here. For those who don’t know, Nick had supported Norman and his family daily throughout Norman’s prolonged illness.

The future programme has been updated to cover part of 2022.

Updated 17 July 2022

Updated 1.2.2023

Updated 13.10.2023

Updated 20.10.2023

Updated 22 May 2022

Last update 10.11.2023

The program for 2024 starts on January 6 as shown here, or for a printer friendly version look here.

Last update 27.12.2023

Updated 28.2.24

Since the beginning of the year we have enjoyed demonstrations by Paul Howard, Emma Cook, Gianni Deidda, Nick Banks, Carlyn Lindsay, Les Thorne, Paul Hannaby and Stephen Kearvell.

As Stephen is a new face in our club some memories of his demo on February 24th have been included here.

Last update 27.12.2023

Updated 14.7.24

Last update 27.12.2023

Updated 29.3.24

Over the years Gary Rance has visited our club on numerous occasions and has through his clear advice and demonstrations inspired many turners to adapt some of his techniques. In this update we have included a page showing what he did when he demonstrated on Saturday 23rd March.

You can follow Gary on Instagram rance_gary.