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Paul has written the tribute below.

I am sure that many of you have been aware of the name Mark Baker during the time you have been a woodturner. He has been the editor of the Woodturning magazine for more than twenty years. Many of you will have met him in person and will have benefitted from his friendship and wealth of knowledge over the years.

He has been a great support to our club in his role as patron. He has a great number of friends and colleagues which he has made throughout his time in the woodturning fraternity.

Having seen the most recent leader by Mark in the woodturning magazine I felt now was the time to confirm that Mark has been suffering with cancer for some time. This may have not been common knowledge up to this point in time but unfortunately, it has now got to the stage where he has received a terminal diagnosis. This is of course a devastating development for his family and friends.

I personally have spent many happy times in my workshop with Mark testing tools and swapping stories of both successes and some failures. He has been a very generous friend with both his time and expertise which has helped me in my journey through the complex and fascinating world of woodturning. I am sure you would want to join with me in expressing the sadness we feel as Mark takes what time he has left to be with his family. I know I will be forever grateful for the friendship we have and for the networking and sharing of ideas that is a sign of a true woodturner.

Best regards

Paul Howard