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Eric Simmonds
September 2017

Eric gave an exceptionally well prepared and delivered demonstration of how he produces his bird boxes. He emphasised that he was not a professional wood turner but he nevertheless managed to keep the audience spellbound throughout the demonstration which at the end was greeted with a warm applause.

He explained all the steps required to make some of several designs of bird boxes: the watering can and the windmill, he also showed the use of tapes for assembling awkward items, like a basket ball or similar. The photos hopefully illustrates some of the steps. Eric also presented a video  showing his workshop with a comprehensive collection of woodworking tools.  He emphasized strongly the importance of safety, both in respect of the machinery and especially dust.


The photos in the green box relate to the watering can. Those in pink relate to the windmill and those in the blue box relate to the ball shapes.

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The laminated handle consists initially of several layers of thin strips of wood glued together and placed in the template whilst glue is still wet.